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KAP “Original” Exhaust Manifold Repair Brackets

“Hey Jim,  I installed the part last weekend, it worked great.  My check engine light is off and I am no longer making the neighbors on my way to work.  Thanks again.”

Mar 2018
“Just installed two great Kral Brackets to our GMC 2500. What a great solution and fabulous design to these products! Amazingly easy to install considering the alternative too! We had reason to call and order a third bracket and when we spoke with Jim Kral, he was both informative and friendly. He took the time to ask some good questions to ensure he was sending us the correct part. We are so excited to work with this small business with such a unique product, and made in the USA too! Keep up the good work! It is a pleasure doing business with you.”
-Brennan & Liam
Feb 2018
“Got my brackets installed last night.  What a great product!! Saved me hours and hundreds of dollars! “


Feb  2018
“I bought KAP 169 for my ’03 Silverado 2500HD and installed the bracket today. I am AMAZED at how quick of a fix this was!
Even after I bought the part, I still considered taking the exhaust manifold off and removing the broken bolts, buy a new gasket and bolts and reinstall.
I decided to give KAP 169 a try anyways since it was already on its way. Least favorable outcome, it wouldn’t work and I’ll have to remove the manifold anyways. It took 27 minutes to install with a 17mm combination wrench and a 17mm socket on the end of  a 1/2″ drive ratchet with extension.
After installation, I started the engine. WOW! I was AMAZED at how quiet it was! It’s not everyday us working guys get a break. This was certainly mine on this exhaust leak.
Thanks again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”
– Andrew
Dec 2017

“Just wanted to let you guys know I got my KAP 108 last night in the mail and installed it this morning. It took about 8 minutes to install it went right on and everything tightened down perfectly as you said it would, thanks for such a great invention, saves an incredible time and money and I would recommend it to anyone”


June 2017

“I just wanted to say this is absolutely  GENIUS! I didn’t even know this was an option until recently. I purchased an 03 6.0 2500 and the back driver side manifold bolt was broke causing a tick at first start up. I didn’t realize this was a big deal until I took it into the shop and they told me it was very common. Then the bad news was the cost of this repair was going to be 1200 bucks!! I had already settled for just dealing with the tick……and then it happen!! I was on YouTube and a video of your part popped up!! I installed this about an hour ago and it only took 20 minutes!  Jumped in started it and purred like a kitten! Not even one tick!! You saved me 1200 bucks! THANKS FOR THIS GENIUS PRODUCT!  I don’t think any of the repair shops around here in SC even know these exist! I’m taken your business card to the repair shop that quoted me 1200 bucks! Went from 1200 to 38 shipping and all!! Thanks, you really saved me a lot of time and money and it’s much appreciated!  I just wished this was my idea!! GENIUS!”

Feb 2017

“We installed the parts today. Took about and hour and a half. My mechanic was so impressed he will be ordering some of them for his shop. Thank you so much. My hummer sounds great again. Saved a lot of money. Thank you so very much!!!!!!”

Feb 2017

“Just wanted to say thank you for making this bracket, I just installed this in 15 mins and you just saved me $1100. Thank you again.”

Jan 2017

Anyone with a 1999 or newer GM car, truck, van or SUV with an exhaust manifold leak that cares to fix it should read this.  There hasn’t been many products that I’ve felt strongly enough to write reviews about ever… Positive or Negative… A product needs to completely offend or impress me in order to get a review.  The following is a wildly positive review on a product that resolved a problem for me that was persistent on my 2002 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD with a 6.0L gas engine. Broken exhaust manifold bolts on GM’s 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, and 6.2 liter engines are an overly common occurance.  The bolts holding the exhaust manifold onto the heads commonly break due to the constant heating and cooling cycle of the exhaust manifold.  This causes expansion and contraction of the manifold that the inferior exhaust manifold studs cannot tolerate. Over time, the manifold expands and contracts causing the studs to stretch against the nuts holding them on.  Eventually the poorly designed studs cannot withstand the pressure and break, causing an exhaust leak.  If your vehicle has this problem you will hear an incessant ticking noise upon startup from the exhaust system which can subside once the engine warms up.  The results of this can be diminished performance, check engine codes, exhaust gasses in passenger cabin, and appearing that you can’t maintain a vehicle when driving near your peers.  (OBDII reader sometimes states lean conditions from upstream O2 sensors) Historically, fixing this problem required lifting the vehicle, removing the wheels and attempting to use a bolt extractor in a confined engine bay.  If you can angle a drill into the space and drill a hole “just right” down the center of the remaining broken bolt you might be able to use a bunch of penetrating oil, a bolt extractor, patience, and luck to carefully remove the broken bolt from the head.  If you fail, you have probably broken the bolt extractor in the head.  Now, you could try to weld a new nut onto what remains of the stud, but only if it is protruding from the head enough to do so.  Just hope that your welding is good enough to hold tight enough to remove that rusted stud from the head.  Assuming you have removed *all* of the broken studs from the head you could now go to GM or another aftermarket vendor and purchase new studs.  You’ll have to put them in by “double nutting” them, still in a confined engine bay, and torque them down.  Only then can you reinstall the nuts and hold your exhaust manifold securely to the heads, fixing the exhaust leak.  If you cannot (or don’t want to) do this work yourself you will pay for a BUNCH of labor hours to have a jobber or (arggghhh) dealer to do this work for you. Here’s the easy and relatively inexpensive fix.  Kral Auto Parts has engineered a solution that solves this common problem.  KAP has developed an awesome product using heavy steel bracketry that bolts into the side of the heads on GM engines and provides even pressure over the exhaust manifold regardless of broken bolts.  They have built brackets that use perpendicular pressure from the head to securly hold the manifolds on.  You literally torque them down on the heads and then squeeze the pressure bolts to the manifolds and you are done.  No more exhaust leaks.  Their products can compensate for ANY bolt that is broken on your 99+ GM engine.  You do need to check the pressure bolts after driving a few miles and then again after 250 miles just to ensure pressure is even. I put three separate KAP brackets on my ’02 2500HD because of multiple broken exhaust manifold bolts about 2 months ago (written 7/26/16).  I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  My truck is quiet and doesn’t smell like burned fuel inside the cab.  I didn’t spend 20 hours of my life trying to fix it myself–I didn’t spend 1000 in labor to have it done for me.  I bet it took 45 minutes at most to repair the front drivers side bolt and the front two passenger side bolts on my truck.  In terms of service.  Jim Kral is the owner of the company and he’s the guy that answered the phone when I called.  I only called because I wasn’t sure which part numbers to order for my specific broken bolts on my Chevy 6 Liter engine…. Jim spent about 10 minutes on the phone with me answering my questions and taking my order.  I felt confident when I hung up and recieved more information than I expected. Kral Auto Parts has put up a few youtube videos showing how they install these pressure brackets… It’s easier than they make it look. For contact information — Look them up —

Jason O. from Illinois, October 2016

Recently purchased your product. I just finished up installing it this afternoon. The only problem I had was the front drive shaft and exhaust pipe made it an extremely tight area to work in compared to a 2 wheel drive truck. However, I knew what I was in store for upon receipt of your product and examining my work area. I am EXTREMELY PLEASED with my now quiet truck. That annoying exhaust leak that I could hear over the dual exhaust is now gone and I will recommend your product to my fellow truck owners and will be advertising your product on the Avalanche forum so that other consumers may be made aware of your product. Thank you for manufacturing this product as I know how well it has worked on my own personal vehicle!!

Rob from Florida, March 2014

Thank you for your quick reply!  Well I received the exhaust repair kit today… and after i installed it from the top as i don’t have a lift or a garage big enough for a Tahoe, lol, it’s  -5 Celsius, snow storming in Ontario, Canada. I’m not waiting for a nice day, so it took me a solid hour to install, and yes blindly trying to screw the first nut in took a prayer, the second furthest one away (driver rear side) took a few curse words, and a few more prayers to get it in and started, wow it was an achievement for me BUT…. i did it!    I thanked God several times, and headed straight for the cab to start it up…. vrrrooom!  amazing, amazing, amazing…. no sputtering noises.. i rev the engine and no poof of exhaust… holy cow!  i am so bloody happy!  I know i was complaining about the shipping and import cost and what not, but 32 bucks for this fix is just short of a miracle.  I am stuck with a grin because there were “doubters” as i talked about this fix..  I know it’s not factory but it’s a fantastic engineered product..perfect!
Cheers, hats off! hooray! bravo!
and from the bottom of my heart, 

Thank you! 
Dave from Ontario, Canada!

February 2014

I must say that in my twelve years of being an Automotive Technician I have never seen anything like this. I was really hating the fact that my exhuast manifold was leaking and really didn’t want to pull the head to do the repair. I saw this and said for $50 bucks I’ll try it. Best $50 bucks I spent this year! I did my drivers side rear in 15 minutes. 15 minutes verses 8 hours. I’ll take the 15 minutes.

Kevin from Virginia, December 2013

Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived quickly.  The product is much heavier duty than we expected and is clearly made to last.  We had our mechanic install them and they were also very impressed.  It took them barely over an hour to do both the rear passenger and drivers side even though this was the first time they had seen them.  This saved us money!  They are planning on purchasing some to have on hand to use for future customers.  Thank you for a wonderful product and fix to a common GM problem.

Earl from Idaho, October 2013

I noticed one day that my wife’s Yukon XL had a small exhaust leak when she first started it. Once the manifold got hot, it went away. When I investigated it, I found that there were two exhaust manifold bolts broken off. When I conducted a google search, I found many stories similar to mine, but the solution was very expensive. There was simply no room to drill it and extract the bolt, so pulling the head was the only way to fix the problem. Work was extremely busy and I really just didn’t have the time to do this. I called our dealer and was told that it will cost roughly $1200 to pull the head, remove the broken bolts and then reinstall. So, I just ignored it. As the exhaust leak got louder each morning, I knew I had to address this problem. A few months had passed and I turned to google again. This time I wondered into a truck forum and some guy stated that he had designed and produced a bracket that bolts to the head using accessory holes that aren’t being used and clamps the manifold to the head. He only left his email address. Having nothing to lose, I shot him a mail and to my surprise received a response the same day. He sent me some photos of it installed on a head and I was impressed. I am a mechanical engineer and although the clamps were crude in nature, they sure beat the alternative of 1-2 days downtime and a wallet that was $1200 lighter. I ordered both brackets because the bolt at each end of the head were broken. The first beaker nearly fell into place and the installation was complete in about 15 minutes. The second took me about an hour because it required pulling the inner fender and dropping the front drive shaft, but his instructions were very accurate and as good as almost any procedure that I’ve given to a manufacturing department. When everything was complete, the exhaust leak was absent and I was a very happy camper. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who hasn’t neglected a small leak to the point where the gasket has become damaged. It is well worth the money and the people are fantastic! They were eager to hear about the installation and welcomed feedback and design improvement suggestions. Do yourself (and your wallet) a favor and don’t lump this funky looking bracket into a throw away gimmick category. It will be your loss. My wife has driven nearly 20,000 miles on this and the exhaust leak has still not returned. As a proud American, I almost feel obligated to support a hard working blue collar guy with a good idea that actually had the initiative to see it through to a real product! That is what this country was built on.

Frank in California, March 2013