Benefits of the Exhaust Manifold Bolt Repair Kits

Cost Savings

  • The traditional repair of removing the cylinder heads and manifolds and drilling the broken bolts out of the cylinder head can reach into the thousands of dollars.  In our area, the costs can range from $1,200 to $3,000. 
  • There is potential for additional damage to the cylinder heads if the traditional repair of drilling out the broken bolts is used. If the drill slips while drilling the bolt out of the cylinder head it could cause irreparable damage to the head, which means the heads would have to actually be replaced, resulting in more cost.

Permanent Fix

  • Even if the traditional fix is used and the broken bolts are removed and replaced; it still does not necessarily fix the problem. The factory bolts are too small and will continue to break again and again. 
  • Our Exhaust Manifold Bolt Repair Kits are a permanent fix!  The brackets will continue to prevent exhaust manifold leaks for the life of your vehicle.

Time Saver

  • Our Exhaust Manifold Bolt Repair Kits simply bolt in place rather than having to remove the cylinder heads and the exhaust manifold!  
  • If your exhaust manifold is severely warped or cracked, the manifold (not the cylinder heads) may still have to be removed and repaired.  Our Exhaust Manifold Bolt Repair Kits will still save time and money because you will not remove the cylinder heads or drill out the broken bolts.  Use our brackets to reinstall the manifold instead of replacing the broken bolts.